Hello World!

Hope you’re doing well today.

I have finally bitten the proverbial bullet and gone and set one of these blog thingumys up, having procrastinated for quite a while now.

I can’t always promise that it will be pretty.

I may rave.

I may even rant on occasion.

But hopefully there will be a nugget of wisdom of some sort that will make it all worthwhile to read.


If you’re wondering about the current name of the blog – SharLonImeraj – it’s a blend of my husband’s (Leo) and my name – yes, we’re one of those sickeningly-in-love couples that people roll their eyes at.

There may also be quite a few photos of Leo posted on here, but don’t worry, he’s particularly easy on the eye..!


That’s all for now folks – short one today.

Was just a little note to say



Dia Dhuit.






Guten Tag.





Will check in very soon, and start updating you on various thoughts that travel through my head.

Until then..!


Shar XO


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