That's me !
That’s me !

Hey there!

My name is Sharon. I live in Dublin, Ireland. I’m from Cork originally, but without the accent, people think that either:

  • (a) I’m fibbing (?!)
  • (b) I’m spying or
  • (c) I’ve got “notions”

Well, what can I say, none of the above apply. The notions one… maybe? A girl’s gotta dream yall.

So I haven’t got a great track record on the ol’ blogging to date (very stop-start, stop-start) but several people over the last while have asked me for one, and sure, any bit of encouragement at all I suppose.

A little more about me I suppose: I have a day job in financial services which keeps me on the straight and narrow and just about in the black, I am finishing out my BA in psychology and I hope at some point to be in a position to spend more time on my photography,  as that is where my true passion lies. With lots of encouragement, coaxing and training over the last few years, some of my photos aren’t even all that bad (!) <Well to my (as-yet still) untrained eye of course..>

So I do love to share my opinions and argue them until I win, I will probably try and keep my blog posts to my favourite topics –
Photography – Travel – Food – Film – Music –
Nothing very original I suspect, but being original is just so overrated.

I am hoping to be posting here more often than, well up until now, so if you enjoy something you read, I would love to hear from you. If you have something nice to say of course.
Actually, even if you haven’t – like I said above, I do love a good disagreement.

Come by and say hi on Twitter

Check out my Instagram and Spotify

All the best from me to you,

Sharon XO


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