Hey there!

My name is Sharon. I live in Dublin, Ireland. From Cork originally, but lacking any discernible accent, people tend to be sceptical of this..

A little more about me: I have a range of photography experience, events (corporate and otherwise) portrait shoots, (both out and about and in studio.) I have photographed at various gigs and festivals, BTS on music video shoots, BTS and stills on film shoots. Film photography is my preference, and you will see quite a lot of it throughout my work. I am enthusiastic to try out more styles, always collaborating, and always on the hunt for my next photographic challenge.

I currently work in financial services which keeps me on the straight and narrow and (just about) in the black. I have also just completed my BA in psychology.  I am currently moving towards spending the majority of my time working on my photography,  as that is where my true passion lies. 

As my time frees up, I will be posting here more frequently, so check back in for updates. And, of course, if you enjoy something you read or see, I would love to hear from you.

(If you have something nice to say of course.)
Actually, even if you haven’t – I love a good debate 😉

Come by and say hi on Twitter and check out my Instagram and Spotify

All the best from me to you

Sharon XO


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