That's me !
That’s me !

Hey there!

My name is Sharon. I live in Dublin. I’m from Cork originally, but without the accent, people think that either:

  • (a) I’m fibbing (?!)
  • (b) I’m spying or
  • (c) I’ve got “notions”

Well, what can I say, none of the above apply. The notions one maybe – girl’s gotta dream yall.

So I haven’t got a great track record on the ol’ blogging to date (very stop-start, stop-start) but several people over the last while have asked me for one, and sure, any bit of encouragement at all I suppose.

A little more about me I suppose – other than my Corkonianisms…
While I have a day job in investments, I dabble in acting and writing, and can’t resist a good photo adventure. With a little coaxing and training over the last while, some of my photos aren’t even all that bad. Well to my (as-yet still) untrained eye of course.

So I do love to share my opinions and argue them until I win, I will probably try and keep my blog posts to my current favourite topics –
Photography – Fashion – Food – Film – Music – Travel
Nothing very original I suspect, but being original is just so overrated. You’ll note I am also a great fan of sarcasm.

I am hoping to be posting here more often than, well up until now, so if you enjoy something you read, I would love to hear from you. If you have something nice to say of course.
Actually, even if you haven’t – like I said above, I do love a good disagreement.

Come by and say hi on Twitter

Check out my Instagram and Spotify

I’m also on Vimeo – not often but still…

Add me on Google+ … (JOKES! Does anybody even use Google Plus anymore…? Genuine question now though)

All the best from me to you,

Sharon XO


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